Retail / Wholesale Solutions

digiAct Local Solution

DigiAct is for Windows is an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems which specially designed for merchandise inventory, provides accuracy and efficiency for inventory management. It can be widely used by different types of retailer and warehouse. The major modules included Customer, Supplier, Item, POS, Shipping/Receiving, Purchase/Sales Order and much more. Stocks are well organized with pictures, prices, and categories on a regular PC. Friendly used interface stock entry. Tracking and recording inventory details in multiple locations including item codes, total stock, warehouse, bin locations, barcodes, category etc.

DigiAct feature highlight:

  • Inventory Control
  • Item Photo View
  • Shipping / Receiving
  • Purchase / Sales Order
  • Multi Barcode Label Printing
  • Price Level Control
  • Minimum Stock Level
  • Multi-warehouse/ Mutli-location
  • Local Server

Cloud Solution

digiAct Cloud Solution

DigiAct Cloud Solution uses a remote data center as hosting facility. As a result, customer just need to pay an affordable subscription and have a full function of digiAct. It minimize hardware or IT costs (only a computer and an Internet connection are required), less technical responsibility, can access anywhere and anytime and backup data automatically.

digiAct Mobile Product Lookup

Customers are able to use their mobile devices to check the product information or prices by scaning the barcode or product code.