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About MRS Digi

More than 20 years of support for local businesses

MRS DIGI is the technology-based partner for the choice of future-focused businesses. Our POS solutions drive innovation as we provide merchants with the tools they need to achieve more.
Our all-in-one, POS & Management software simplifies and enhances restaurant & beverage business operations. Such as food ordering, reporting, inventory management and more.
Merchants can finally start to reduce their expenses and increase efficiency by using our system, which offers the best functionality and convenience. 

Who We Are

In 2000, MRSDIGI INC. was founded in Toronto, Canada. Since its inception, the company has focused on the development and application of cloud computing catering software.

MRSDIGI is an all-inclusive IT service provider in the field of technology with over 20 years experience, as well as a pioneer technology in North America. Provide a seamless one-stop solution to restaurant efficiency, management, marketing, cost, and customer experience. 

Who MRS Digi are

Our Mission

MRS DIGI offers a professional and user-friendly system that is the most convenient, secure, and reliable payment solution, and provides the most intimate after-sales service to ensure absolute customer satisfaction. Our Mission is to awaken the potential of your business and to create the program that runs your mind. 

  • To create software where absolute customer satisfaction is our highest priority. Customer satisfaction is our top priority.

  • To build the most convenient, secure, reliable payment solution. Create the most convenient, safe and reliable payment solution. 

  • To awaken the potential of your business, to create the program that runs your mind. 

  • Provide professional, user-friendly system and considerate after-sales service to meet customer needs.

  • An all-in-one POS & Management Software which helps restaurants and retailers deliver a better customer experience.

  • MRS DIGI provides a professional and user-friendly system, the most convenient, safe and reliable payment solutions, and the most considerate after-sales service to ensure complete customer satisfaction.

MRS Digi's Mission