Engage your customers

To Increase Revenue Without Sacrificing Profits.

Use our built-in tools to boost your online and offline orders! This includes increasing average check size, speeding up table turnovers and promoting the most profitable menu items.
Put your restaurant marketing on autopilot with a POS integrated marketing platform to allow you to connect with guests and amplify marketing efforts with the loyalty integrations. 



Waitlist system allows users to reserve bookings based on time of day, availability, and size of party. The system generates information provided by the customer and displays it to the host to ensure bookings do not overlap and customers are not creating unintentional reservations.



Direct booking system enhances your entire guest journey.
Online booking system allows customers to reserve seats in advance and even accept their orders in advance. This allows you to understand customer needs in advance, control the number of customers, saving you and your customers time and increasing the turnover rate. 

  • Get notified of resercations, cancellations with SMS notification.

  • Access and review your incoming guests from your POS.

  • Automatic SMS reminders and confirmations to guests, so you never have to make a call again.


Gift card top-up

  • With customizable physical and digital gift cards, increase restaurant and retail brand awareness, drive immediate revenue and encourage guests to return.

  • Digital gift cards make it easy for diners to send and redeem gift cards from their smartphones.

  • Online gift certificates increase your customer loyalty and drive repeat sales.

  • SMS notification for top-up amount .

Gift card top-up

Online order send request to delivery platform directly

Make it easy for customers to order online and get on demand with third party delivery integration. A one-stop solution for ordering, payment and delivery.

Online order send request to delivery platform directly

Increase guest engagement with your own mobile app

Keep everything in one place with a custom-branded mobile app that lets guests subscribe to emails, leave feedback, receive messages, view promotions, and more. 

Increase Guest Engagement with Your Own Web App

Grow repeat business with your own customer loyalty program

Earning and redeeming rewards
Customers earn loyalty on every qualifying purchase and can redeem it in the future. Staff can view a customer’s balance at the sell and payment screens and apply that balance during checkout. 

loyalty program

Extend the power of MrsDigi with email marketing apps and texting

  • Automate custom marketing campaigns and promotions to reach the right customers, with the right message, at the right time.

  • Creating enticing promotions is a great way to convert new guests into regulars and reactivate lapsed guests.

  • Maintain continuous engagement with diners through emails and in-app messaging.

  • Manage everything with a custom-designed web app that lets guests subscribe to emails, leave feedback, receive messages, and view promotions.

email marketing apps and texting

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