Manage your business

With The Right Resources, The Best Decisions Can Be Made

Decisions in business should be based on data and with MRS DIGI gives you access to key features like insights, analytics, and inventory management to help you reach and make the right decisions.

Manage your business

Data analytics

Comprehensive insights on customer behaviour and help make the right decisions.

Get better insight into your business with analytic reports from multi-location. Analyzing customers' behavioural data helps you to find a new potential business or uncover segments. To have better target campaigns and sales activities for connecting with Google Analytics for further improvement. 

Data analytics

Central menu / Franchise management

Launch menu across all franchises or locations. Keep your business uniform and consistent.

The central menu system can update menus of all chain stores at the same time, ensuring unified business operation and saving labor time. It truly achieves the unified management of multiple stores and efficiently helps the boss to achieve business management. 

Central menu/Franchise management

Central kitchen / Inventory control

Cloud-based inventory management can closely keep track of item usage and inventory storage for the restaurant. The real-time update can avoid many food items storage or create physical measuring stock levels.

Central kitchen

Cloud reporting

Grow your business with powerful POS Reporting.

Use MRS Digi's powerful analytics tools to gain real-time insights into the trends and data that are driving your business and track key metrics like revenue and sales. With customizable reports, you can easily review your business status. By utilizing our sales analytics software, you can identify opportunities to save time, control costs, and increase revenue. 

  • Keep track of your income stream with clear, at-a-glance sales reports.

  • Your POS reports can be filtered to show you your busiest times and your best-selling items, as well as monthly sales trends and granular details.

  • Manage your business anywhere, any time - directly from your dashboard or the Mobile Dashboard app. 

Cloud reporting

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